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1st Responder Training Programs

No matter what type of uniform you wear, if you’re tasked with interacting with people from all walks of life, it’s not a question of if you’ll experience conflict, but when?

I have worked as a life guard for many years in my younger days, and have seen the many different situations fire-fighters, EMS personnel and other first responders are faced with.

As a police officer I’ve learned that when you enter a building to pull someone out to safety or when you enter the water to rescue a victim, there’s often the assumption that the person being helped actually wants our help — which isn’t always the case. In these types of situation the person attempting the rescue ends up needing someone to rescue them.

In addition I have found that, if you have to help someone out of an area and they begin to panic and not follow your instructions, they not only put themselves at serious risk but you and others around them.

It’s with these situations in mind that we created “cross over” programs that allow the professional to learn basic and advance techniques and tactics that will enable them to respond to situations where the subject has become irrational and combative.

There comes a time in every professional’s life when they have to flip the switch from rescuing and helping a subject to having to physically control them or have to fight for their life — and preparing for these situations is where my programs excel.

My training applies the tactical understanding to enable any professional to work within their own physical limitations (not all of us are 25 and in great physical shape) and to operate within existing legal limitations.

Trainers who have never worn a SCBA and other gear weighing 30-40 pounds, or who have actually entered the water to rescue someone have difficulty understanding the tactics needed to work in the these unique and special environments, as well as the legalities defend actions in court.

Below is a list of the programs we have in place for firefighters, EMS and first responders. To learn more details about a specific program, click on a link to access a description in PDF format.


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