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21st Tactical AirSoft

21st Tactical/AirSoft has set the standard for using AirSoft products in Law Enforcement Training. They offer Test and Evaluations, On-Site Demonstrations, and training.

ACMI Systems

ACMi® Systems is a multi-faceted educational, consulting, and training that provides exceptional support to police, corrections, military, health, private security, and other public safety professionals.


Designed with safety in mind, AMMO-SAFE ensures an immediate visible verification that the firearm is rendered safe during training exercises and storage.

Blackhawk Industries

BlackHawk® manufactures over 2,000 tactical items including: HellStorm™ gloves, accessories, apparel, bags, cases, belts, harnesses, Dieter© CQD, Dynamic Entry, rams, holsters, knife sheaths, MOLLE, STRIKE gear, packs, pouches, slings, tactical thigh rigs, vests, Hydra Storm™ Hydration Systems and more.

Blue Guns

Blue Guns a new product from Ring manufactures out of Florida. These non-functional training weapons allow your officers to train safe with realistic weapons.


Bolle sunglasses and goggles set the standard for optical performance and innovation. Whether in the game or in life, Bolle eyewear exceeds the demands of today's active lifestyles.

Bushnell Outdoor Products

Manufactures the finest outdoor optics in the world including: Night vision, Lasers, hologram, and other tactical accessories, and more for law enforcement, corrections and military worldwide.

Butler Creek

Butler Creek is your stop for projects backed by big thinking and field-proved quality. We live the life we equip, and it shows – from our world-famous Flip-Open Scope Covers to smart ways to carry your gear and outfit your guns. And quite frankly, people like us want the best and we always want our shot to count.

Climb Assist

Totally new system which allows officers the ability to climb over fenced in areas safely when needed. Provides the tactical portability for places where ladders are not available. This new climbing systems is being used by law enforcement and military agencies throughout the world to save lives.

Crown Gym Mats

Industry leader in providing trauma protection for mats and The developer of safe Impact training aids when conducting integrated use-of-force training.


Premier, Training, Marketing. is the new Internet resource for corrections, providing access to equipment, technology, news and training.

Dick Kramer Studios

Dick Kramer's name has become synonymous with the finest in tactical and military art.

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc.

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) are experienced manufacturer/distributors specializing in Tactical, Crisis Negotiation, Surveillance, Intelligence, Less-Lethal and other innovative Law Enforcement Equipment Products and Services.

Force Science Research Center

The Force Science Research Center conducts empirical research studies that investigate the mysteries surrounding lethal force and other use-of-force encounters.

Hoppe's - The Gun Care People

In 1903, Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the most potent gun-cleaning solution the world had ever seen – Hoppe’s Nitro Powder Solvent No. 9. Since then, the Hoppe’s brand has walked arm-in-arm with generations of hunters and shooters. We have grown and advanced our technologies along-side the sports we love, and have remained the most trusted name in gun care.

IES Training

Manufactures of driving and firearm simulators, and the designers of M.I.L.O. multi-individual learning objectives software which allows you to make training interactive and challenging.

INOVA Lights

Innovation for firearms training with special foam backings and interactive targets for both lethal and non lethal training.

International Cartridge Corporation

ICC is a family business that works closely to develop and manufacture exclusive products for police, special tactics, the hunter and the civilian with a CCW. Since our staff is prior military and law enforcement you can feel confident that our ammunition is field proven and battle tested. We stand behind our ammunition because we know that your lives depend on it!

International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation (IUKF)

International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation; is one of the oldest forms of Karate; brought into the United States By George Mattson” – hundreds of Dojos throughout the US. Holds a Summer fest in Cape Cod every summer.


Infamous creator of the K-Bar military fighting knives who makes an assortment of knives for the law enforcement, corrections and military.


Makers of the tactical apparel and Clothing for law enforcement, corrections or Military, and the inventor of the Diplomat Tactical Pants.

Metal Master

Metal Master’s has been the proven foam backings for live firearms training and their enhanced interactive target systems.


Pure excellence. Born of uncompromising standards in manufacturing, Millett rings and bases are the strongest, most reliable, most technologically advanced in the world today. And our selection is unmatched – every product backed by one of the most knowledgeable and helpful customer service teams in the business. That’s pure quality from start to finish. Millett.

Mine Safe Appliance

Mine Safety Appliance’s has been the proven leader in protective mask and SCBA for law enforcement, corrections and the military.

Police Magazine

The leading Police magazine in the country for law enforcement professionals providing access to equipment, Technology, news and training.

PoliceOne is the leading Internet resource for law enforcement, providing access to equipment, technology, news and training.


The first air launched weapons designed as a non lethal alternative for law enforcement, corrections and military worldwide.

Purposeful Development Associates

Purposeful Development Associates (PDA) is a professional services consulting firm that has been helping individuals, small groups, and organizations of all sizes to change behaviors and grow for over 20 years. PDA specializes in helping organizations meet their change goals and build internal capacity to continue the process of change through work in one or all of three specific but overlapping areas: Interactive Curriculum, Leadership Development, and Organizational Change.

RRB Systems

The developer of the Rapid Rotation Baton and the Rapid Cuff used worldwide and maker of innovative police products for law enforcement, corrections and military that provide a global model of policing. Currently being used by the FBOP.


SEPTAC is owned and operated by experienced law enforcement and military veterans of the special operations community (Specializing in Sniper/Marksmanship Training). SEPTAC offers a broad range of services, from tactical firearms, sniper/spotter dialog, home defense courses, to tier-1 product consulting and development. Through live-fire exercises and/or simunitions, our instructors will provide the most up-to-date, real-world, scenario based training. Each course can be tailored to fit clients operational needs.

Serengeti Eyewear

Serengeti Eyewear is defined by quality, craftsmanship and technology. From a spirited drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to taking in the sights on the Champs-Elysses – Serengeti is crafted to be the world’s finest driving sunglasses.

Simmons Optics

Since 1983, Simmons® has established itself as a visionary leader in high-quality, high-value rifle scopes and binoculars. For over 25 years, hunters and sportsmen alike have looked to Simmons for extraordinary optical innovation and rugged durability.

Stream Light

Offers personal protection and tactical lights that have power and reliability – with an exceptional margin of safety. Most reliable lights on the market today!


Believe It. Of course, as an optics company, we believe "seeing it" is the most important part of this equation. When you put a Tasco riflescope, binocular or telescope to your eyes, you’re the beneficiary of a smarter brand of engineering. Over the last 50 years, we’ve honed every component and step in the manufacturing process to bring you the brightest, sharpest, most reliable performance for your hard-earned dollar.

Ti Training

A new training company from the people you know and trust. The result of years analyzing the Law Enforcement training market and applying the latest technology and tactics to the current training needs. The most innovative virtual training programs in the market today!

Uncle Mikes

Sometimes, the little things mean everything. The connection between you and your rifle on a high-country sheep hunt. The holster on your hip in the line of duty. At Uncle Mike’s carrying your guns and gear has been our focus for more than 50 years. Our swivels, slings, holsters, ammo holders and gun cases are crafted with pride and precision, and simply built tough. Try us. The finest, the original, Uncle Mike’s.

US Fighting Systems

US Fighting Systems is the first true real-world based self defense personal survival program developed in the United States by real American Warrior who have researched, studied and applied most traditional martial arts and other street fighting systems; and have used the techniques and tactics in real life threatening attacks and have trained thousands of professionals around the world!

Xads Technologies

A new laser manufacturer which develops various non lethal weapons for the military and police agencies worldwide.


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