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As you may already know, Arma Training has an online store where you can view the products I personally recommend and purchase these products at special prices. However, so that these discounted prices aren’t accessible to the general public, professionals must become an Arma Training Member in order to access this online store.

Go to Online Store to learn more about this program.

However, there are certain products that I want anyone to be able to purchase because they weren’t just designed for professionals — thus this page.

The products on this page have been designed and developed by me so I’m not concerned about the price being publicly accessible (unlike the products on the online store where I don’t want to potentially compromise the pricing strategy of the vendors we work with by making our discounted prices visible to everyone).

Right now, I have just two products that I’m offering here — the Holster Resource Kit and the OC Decontamination Training Video.

To place an order, just click on a link below to access our secure online order form — and then follow the instructions provided.

Holster Resource Kit (see Press Release)

This kit includes a DVD Video and an “Act and React” training ball. HolsterResourceKit

In the video, I demonstrate a series of drills you can do yourself or with a partner to help you become more proficient with your holster.

The drills have you focus on the training ball while interacting with your holster to simulate that critical moment when you must focus on a suspect and break leather in defense of your life.

The kit costs $10.00 plus shipping and handling. To place your order, just click on the link below.

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OC Decontamination Training Video


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