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Thank you for interest in the Arma Training Online Store — for Professionals.

We have taken a unique approach with this store — we require professionals to be Arma Training members in order to view prices and to make purchases.

We offer special discounts to our members and don’t want these to be accessible to the general public where their visibility could potentially compromise the pricing strategy of the vendors we work with.

You can view the online store — without the prices visible – by Clicking Here.

As you probably know, over the last 30+ years, I have personally used and, often tested, most of the products in our industry. As a result, I’m often asked for recommendations on what products to purchase and where to buy them.

That’s the purpose of this online store – to provide a single resource where I can provide my recommendations for the products I have found to be:

  • Serviceable (performs as expected)
  • Functional (easy to operate for the majority of users)
  • Durable (with proper care, will last a lifetime)

And, most importantly, the products I recommend must have these attributes in the real-life situations and environments where the specific product is meant to be use. This is how we train and this is how your gear, equipment and weapons need to perform.

What I have found, instead, is that people who make the product decisions often decide based on reading a write-up, reviewing a general description, evaluating appearance, checking out the price and, of course, listening to the ever-famous sales pitch.

The result is that products are purchased that don’t meet performance requirements, are a pain to use, don’t last, and actually jeopardize people’s lives — often at a price that is far above what should be paid.

In my opinion, such purchase decisions should be criminal.

Here is how this works

In order to view the prices and make purchases from my Online Store you must become an Arma Training member. To learn more about my membership program, please Click Here or on the Become A Member button to the left.

To do this you must submit an application for membership and pay $1.00.

Our goal here is that only public safety professionals have the opportunity to become members of Arma Training.

The $1.00 payment will give you access to the online store for 30 days (plus a ton of other Arma Training Membership benefits), during which time you can purchase whatever products you want at our special discounts. You can easily cancel your membership before the end of this trial period or, if you decide that you want to continue as a member, your credit card will be charged $9.95 per month.

To access our secure online order form to become a member, please click on the link below.

Apply For Arma Training
Professional Membership

My members-only online store only includes products I’ve personally used throughout the years and for which I have the utmost confidence. If you purchase any of the products on this store, you can be ensured they’ll perform at a level unmatched by others.

I have been in this business since 1980 and have used or tested or evaluated weapons, gear and equipment at every price range. In most cases, I have used my own body as the judge and have always focused my evaluations on determining what products are the best when a person’s life is at stake. I assume this duty with great responsibility.

NOTE: All refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days. For exchanges please contact us directly at (877) 690-8230


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