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Blended Course For Law Enforcement and Military

February 6, 2015 | Vistelar |


My name is Ronnie Murray.

I had the privilege of taking your courses last week in Madison County. Let me just say you are truly professional and well versed in what you do.

The way the class was set up is unlike any other I have attended in my 12 years of Law Enforcement. Thank you for what you do for our Profession and what you also do for our Country.

When I joined the Military (THE UNITED STATES ARMY) I realized my passion for instructing. I had the privilege of training over 2000 Reserve and Guard troops from the South West and Western united States in NBC Warfare when operation Enduring Freedom was launched.

It was one of the highlights for me in my career to be able to train and get those Individuals prepared to deploy to protect this great Nation of ours, but most importantly to train them proficiently to ensure they make it home.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the blended courses were around 12 years ago, we as a Military and as a Law Enforcement Community (BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD) would be better trained today. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to taking other classes and promoting the Blended courses for all my future training needs.

Ronnie Murray
4468 Pleasant Valley RD
Jacksonville, AL 36265


Cell extraction training

June 26, 2013 | Vistelar |

I recently attended a cell extraction instructor course taught by Dave Young. The course was very informational and covered everything you needed to know to complete a successful cell extraction with minimal injuries to the inmate or staff.

After completing the course I immediately trained our ERT with the new extraction techniques. It may have been two weeks later and our ERT had to do a cell extraction with an inmate that was very combative. This inmate was given every option to comply, but refused. The pad and ground stabilization techniques used by the team during the extraction worked excellent. The ERT members along with the inmate were not injured at all.

I would high recommend this training to any agency. Mr. Young is a great teacher and highly motivated to help law enforcement.

Sgt. K. Hill, Watch Sergeant at Caddo Correctional Center, Shreveport La.



Select Testimonials

May 14, 2013 | Vistelar |

“Dave provided me with information and hands on training that literally saved my life and others. Thank you Dave!!”
– Michelle Hoskins-Pettingill, Sworn and Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Florida

“Dave is an outstanding Trainer and leader . He always goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome.”
– Winston Morris, Law Enforcement Trainer, Regional LE and Military Manager, Simpson Sales

“His training is simply excellent, solid, and realistic. If you have not yet trained with Dave Young, I would highly recommend you do so.”
– Captain Dave Gerber, Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin

“Dave Young is a highly motivated, professional law enforcement trainer who thinks outside the box and researches his techniques for effectiveness. I highly recommend Dave Young and Arma Training.”
– Shawnee Fross, Law Enforcement Trainer, Miami Dade Community College

“I have been a full-time law enforcement trainer since 1981 and I first met Dave in 1992. Since then, I have seen him grow into one of the most innovative, dynamic and sort after trainers in the business today.”
– Ed Nowicki, Executive Director Emeritous, ILEETA

“Your ground class was the best class I have ever been to. The fight for life makes open your eyes to the fact that I want to go home after each shift not just mentally but physical as well”
– Darius Simon, New York Police Department, MN

“Dave Young, in my opinion, is one of the best; if not the best trainer I have ever taken training from. His methods are proven and his determination to get the information to the student is remarkable.”
– Vincent Stitt, Deputy Sheriff, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Shawn Mann, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department

May 14, 2013 | Vistelar |

Nicole Boreboom, Brown County Jail

May 14, 2013 | Vistelar |

Karl Turek, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department

May 14, 2013 | Vistelar |

Paul Martinez, Milwaukee Police Department

May 14, 2013 | Vistelar |

Kelalrico Burrows, Nassau,The Bahamas

May 13, 2013 | Vistelar |

The ARMA training program is safe in concept to the officer and is easy to learn. it is practical for persons ranging from advanced martial arts experts to people with no combat training.

I have found the program to be mentally stimulating and allows one to prepare for real life day to day situations and to think ahead to ensure that you are able to operate effectively when placed in the situation.
This is not a program which looks good on paper and in the class environment, but when you are confronted there is no way to apply what you know. These concepts will flow very naturally ….. so much so that you will be astounded by how freely you apply what you’ve learned.

One added benefit is that you are able to competently speak with some authority when providing justification for any actions taken or the refusal of taking certain actions.


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