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“Dave provided me with information and hands on training that literally saved my life and others. Thank you Dave!!”
– Michelle Hoskins-Pettingill, Sworn and Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Florida

“Dave is an outstanding Trainer and leader . He always goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome.”
– Winston Morris, Law Enforcement Trainer, Regional LE and Military Manager, Simpson Sales

“His training is simply excellent, solid, and realistic. If you have not yet trained with Dave Young, I would highly recommend you do so.”
– Captain Dave Gerber, Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin

“Dave Young is a highly motivated, professional law enforcement trainer who thinks outside the box and researches his techniques for effectiveness. I highly recommend Dave Young and Arma Training.”
– Shawnee Fross, Law Enforcement Trainer, Miami Dade Community College

“I have been a full-time law enforcement trainer since 1981 and I first met Dave in 1992. Since then, I have seen him grow into one of the most innovative, dynamic and sort after trainers in the business today.”
– Ed Nowicki, Executive Director Emeritous, ILEETA

“Your ground class was the best class I have ever been to. The fight for life makes open your eyes to the fact that I want to go home after each shift not just mentally but physical as well”
– Darius Simon, New York Police Department, MN

“Dave Young, in my opinion, is one of the best; if not the best trainer I have ever taken training from. His methods are proven and his determination to get the information to the student is remarkable.”
– Vincent Stitt, Deputy Sheriff, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office


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