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Host A Class

There are two ways to host an Arma Training class:

  • Contract with us for a closed enrollment program
  • Host an open enrollment program

For a closed enrollment program, the agency pays a set fee for a specific number of students and provides a large enough training room with tables and chairs, replete with grease board(s), a projector for running PowerPoint & videos, and an open enclosed area for the hands on drills and other practical exercises. Course manuals are printed by the agency from a PDF file that is sent in advance.

For an open enrollment program, the agency provides the facility and necessary logistics for the training programs that being requested — and actively markets the program to other agencies in the area via fax, email, flyers, or other resources. In return, the host agency receives two free slots for the courses being conducted. A minimum of 16 paying students are needed for these classes to be conducted.

In either type of hosting arrangement, we offer Basic, Instructor, and Instructor Trainer Courses (see below for more information on each).

If you think you may be interested in hosting a class, please call Dave Young at 772-913-1615. If you are specifically interested in hosting an open enrollment program, please review these materials.


  1. ARMA Training Courses
  2. Arma Training Host Packet
  3. Logistic Sheets
  4. ARMA Training Electronic Host Questionnaire


Basic Programs

Basic Training classes are generally 1-3 days in length, with certifications valid for one year.

Instructor Programs

Instructor programs vary from 3-5 days based on the topic of the class, with certifications valid for three years from the date the course was completed.

Instructor Trainer Programs

Instructor Trainer programs are either 3, 5 or 10 days based on the topic of the class, with certifications valid for four years from the date the course was completed.

At the end of the certification period, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are re-certified to maintain their certification through Arma Training.


Host a Class

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