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Crowd Management

  1. Crowd Management for Soft Squads – This is the first initial response plan for any agency. Officers learn how to select personnel, prepare, plan and equip their department for handling small and larger disturbances in addition to learning tactics for deploying formations, chemical aerosol projectors, impact weapons and empty hand tactics for controlling the line during a riot situation.
  2. Crowd Management for Hard Squads  – This is the second response plan for any agency. Officers learn how to escalate their control without escalating their force. We will address the situations when verbalization tactics have failed, and basic empty hand tactics and the deployment of chemical agents and proven to be ineffective. We will focus on the deployment of non lethal weapons, riot shield tactics, various strategies for maintain the line when the subjects have escalated to throwing rocks, bottles and using other weapons that are available.
  3. Delivering Deadly Force in Crowd Management Operations (Force Protection) – This is a one of kind class that is offered nowhere in the free world. We will address the top ten deadly force threats agencies will encounter in riot situations and we will discuss various use of force options and alternatives to handling these dangerous threats.
  4. Crowd Management for Supervisors  – This is for any officer who is tasked with supervising a special squad or units for responding to crowd management environments. This is a must program for any Tactical Leader or commander.
  5. Squad and Teams Leaders  –  Being a senior officer or sergeant does not necessarily mean they have the basic leadership skills to lead officers into tactical environments that place themselves and their personnel in danger. This is a tactical leadership course to prepare squad and team leaders for agencies who have officers trained to respond to riot situations.
  6. Command Staff (Police)  –  Many times the lines of communications are most clouded within the same agency and office. This is a must for any commander that will have the responsibility to select equipment and command officers in crowd management situations.
  7. Riot Shield Instructor  – When responding to a small or large scale disturbance officers lives are in jeopardy BEFORE chaos and mayhem threaten the lives of your officers, using Riot Shields is a must. Riot shields are use more and more throughout the world as not only a professional visual deterrent but they provide the officer’s with force options throughout any force continuum. This is a must for any agency or officer that will have the responsibility to select issue and deploy riot shields in crowd management situations.


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