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Protective Mask – Instructor Certification

You are eligible to take this course only if you have completed the online Protective Mask – Basic User Certification.

This program is designed for agencies to certify department instructors on the use of ANY protective mask and the tactics for working in contaminated environments. The protective mask is the most important piece of equipment for any officer working in or around contaminated environments – especially with today’s threats.

The course focuses on how to select, inspect, clean, don, clear and seal protective masks — with an emphasis on simulating various visual and oxygen-deprivation situations an officer would experience in wearing a protective mask and drills needed for maintaining proficiency.

Students will learn how to train their officers to overcome fears and phobias associated with wearing protective masks — the most important piece of equipment in a contaminated environment.

The course consists of 7 chapters – with each including a short video (~15 minutes) and an associated PowerPoint presentation (as a down-loadable PDF). In addition, a comprehensive course manual (downloadable PDF) is included for reference. All of these materials were updated in 2010.

At the end of each chapter, there is a 5-question quiz that must be passed (80% after 3 tries) to proceed to the next chapter. There will also be a final exam you must pass with 100% accuracy to receive your certification. This course if credentialed by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, WI — one of the top public safety technical colleges in the US. within the last 6 months.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: MSA – Protective Mask Instructor?
Chapter 2: Important Concerns
Chapter 3: Parts Inspection?
Chapter 4: Signs and Symptoms?
Chapter 5: The Effects of Oxygen Deprivation?
Chapter 6: Storage and Cleaning?
Chapter 7: Protective Mask Drills

The price of this course if normally $179.00. However, for a limited period of time, the price has been reduced to $149.00.

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Again, you can only take this course if you have completed the online Protective Mask – Basic User Certification within the last 6 months.


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