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Chemical Aerosol Projector – Instructor Recertification

Dave Young has been certifying officers in the use of chemical aerosol projectors since 1990 and has literally trained thousands of officers around the world.

This program is the most current and updated program in the industry today and is designed to recertify CAP Instructors on the handling of chemical aerosol projectors, including effective and safe use, documentation requirements, medical issues, and legal liability — of any brand. It teaches partner drills for the safe and effective deployment of these devices. Upon request you can receive a factory certification from Guardian Defense Sprays.

You are only eligible to take this course if you have been certified by Dave Young within the last seven years as an instructor in any of the following:

  • Chemical Aerosol Projectors – Basic Instructor
  • Chemical Aerosol Projectors – Master Instructor
  • Crowd Management for Soft Squads
  • C.E.R.T.
  • Non-Lethal Weapons – Basic Instructor
  • Non-Lethal Weapons – Master Instructor
  • Intermediate Use of Force

You will need to provide a copy of your certificate during the registration process.

The course consists of 9 chapters — with each including a short video (~ 15 minutes) and an associated PowerPoint presentation (as a down-loadable PDF). In addition, a comprehensive course manual (down-loadable PDF) is included for reference. All of these materials were updated in 2010.

At the end of each chapter, there is a 5-question quiz that must be passed (80% after 3 tries) to proceed to the next chapter. There will also be a final exam you must pass with 100% accuracy to receive your certification.

This course is credentialed by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin — one of the top public safety technical colleges in the US.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Chemical Aerosol Projectors
Chapter 2: OC Myths
Chapter 3: History
Chapter 4: Color Codes and Physical/Mental Effects of OC
Chapter 5: MK4 Nomenclature
Chapter 6: Deploying Your OC
Chapter 7: Decontamination
Chapter 8: Care and Storage
Chapter 9: OC Instructor Drill

The price of this course if normally $179.00. However, for a limited period of time, the price has been reduced to $99.00.



Again, to take this course you must have been certified by Dave Young within the last 7 years as an instructor in at least one of the areas listed above. You will be asked to submit your certificate as part of the registration process.


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