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Inside the pocket holster by Elite Survival Systems. There are three big problems with inside the pocket holsters. Number one is when you draw the weapon, the holster comes out of the pocket with it. Elite Survival corrected this problem by using new technology on the surface of the holster called a slip knot.

The second problem with pocket holsters is sometimes they close when returning the weapon to the holster. Elite reinforces the edges with a new material to help keep its shape to enable the user can resecure the holster safely without engaging the trigger.

The third problem with most pocket holsters is they lose their shape after a while and give a full signature reading highlighting the possibility of a firearm being inside the pocket. Elite corrected this problem by adding a special wing tip feature to ensure the front pocket wallet kept its wallet signature.

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Wow this is exciting, 10’s of thousands of people walk through those doors every hour. Having the opportunity to meet and greet some outstanding people.

If you have never been to the Shot Show you need to go. We are at the Elite booth 10776 and having a great time. If you missed the special Writer’s webinar go to

And take a quick peek at some amazing tactical gear!

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Meet Bryan and Bruce Bogue from Elite Survival. A father and son team dedicated to ensuring the best of the best in purpose, features and functions of Elite’s quality and performance.

Elite Survival Systems is a US based company manufacturing premium quality tactical nylon equipment for military, law enforcement and the shooting enthusiast. Their products are sold primarily through their network of dealers and distributors, as well as military and law enforcement sales.

They are a GSA contract holder, and products are available at

Their products can also be purchased online through their website, and can be ordered over the phone via print catalog.

Elite Survival Systems is a division of US Tactical Systems Inc., a privately held company based in Washington, Missouri. ESS products are sold under the Elite Survival Systems label, and the Assault Systems label.

High quality products and outstanding customer service have helped them earn an extremely loyal customer base.

It is their mission to provide you with the latest technology and survival gear. You have a job to do… So do we. We’re with you every step of the way. Buy them at


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Stop by the Elite Survival booth 10766 and see what is new for 2015!

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Tactical Survival Training “Basic,” level certification program was developed to upgrade agencies desiring to train and certify officers assigned to high risk assignments “When their life depends on their performance.”

This program focuses on life threatening situations any tactical officer might find themselves confronted with either in a team or alone. This course lays the foundation for high risk encounters, and shows the need for commonality between standing and ground defense training.

This is a physical demanding class and officers need to be in good physical condition! This program has been taught in South Asia, Europe, Middle Eastern Regions and Africa.


Elite Patrol Bag


The Elite Patrol Bag is for the professional that demands being mobile and is still required to take all of your office equipment with you.

This is one of the strongest patrol bags on the market today with special features and functions like a hard protective top to safeguard your paperwork and electronics, quick ready reference outside open and closed pouches and compartments with para cord zipper supporters, one piece liner with separators, an ergonomically designed carry strap, as well as oversized handles for making carrying easier.

Elite Patrol Bag webinar short video –

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For more information about Elite and other products, visit

The Elite Cobra Belt is made for the serious operator.

Made of 2 ply nylon strong enough to hold drop down extensions and provide quick ready references for items like tactical holsters inside or outside of the pants, thigh rigs, a variety of gas mask, and over 5,000 pounds of strength for rescue repelling, or when using the rescue ring to pull a person to safety.

Webinar short video –

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For more information about Elite and other products, visit


There are three main factors involved in officer safety and depending who you talk to you each may have a different translation.

Remain alert – Remain alert at all times. The challenge can be verbal, the task can be emotional and, at times, can be physically threatening.

Be decisive – To act without hesitation means you have confidence, courage and the ability not to second-guess yourself even when common logic may say one thing, you know the situation will require another.

Have a preplanned response – Having a preplanned response means you receive the training necessary for the environment and task you will be placed in; then when you’re not at work or training you go home and practice. You stretch your limits and improve your skills so when you have to act you will have that preplanned response ready to go and be able to adapt to any situation and environment your place in.

Be strong my brothers and sisters in arms. Do not waver. Stand strong and remember our duty is to protect and serve.

Even though at times many may feel they do not need protection, there are situations where we need to protect ourselves. And when we serve, we serve with honor and we treat people with dignity by showing them with respect.

Be strong be safe out there!


Wow, what do you believe?

Their certificates on the wall or the trophies on the shelf or should it be the their performance on the field? What do you believe?

The uniform they wear or the color of their belt or the skills they display on the floor? Do you believe the words coming out of their mouth or the actual performance you see in front of your eyes?

Just think, if everyone was as good as they said they were or come close to how they think they could, we would have less trouble in the country today. If you could control all the variables that are involved in a real confrontation like lighting, injuries weapons, when you’re going to be attacked, who is going to attack you and how many etc…

This list could go on and on and on then the training we currently do in the US would make us much more prepared than any place in the world. But unfortunately, the reality is you can’t control any of the above mentioned variables.

You aren’t as good as you think or say you are and the certificates on the walls validate you completed something on a certain date and the uniform you wear states who employs you at the time. For me this is amazing to think about and runs through my mind every time I teach a class, monitor class, training a student, or certifying an instructor.

Be safe and God Bless

Dave Young


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