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Hello everyone, this is Dave Young. I am a guest presenter at the US Conceal Carry Association Conference in West Bend, WI May 8-10, 2015.

Below is just one of the 3 courses I am teaching you can attend one or all three for a special certification. HOPE TO SEE ALL OF MY WI FRIENDS THERE!

Handgun Protection – Keeping it out of the wrong hands

This 3 hour presentation is designed to address all stages of handgun protection to ensure you maintain the positive weapons control of your firearm when carrying it in either a concealed or open carry stage.

We will address how to increase your awareness of your surroundings, understanding the 10-5-2 foot rule, prevention strategies for guarding, shielding your firearm, retention of your firearm in and out of the holster and deescalation tactics when everything else fails.


Before I start sharing 30 years of experience with you in the non-lethal field, I understand people have a habit of reading and drawing their own conclusion it is my intent to point out a few facts. One of these facts are any weapons regardless of the intent of design or use can cause serious bodily harms which may result in death and therefore can be considered lethal.

Since I train and certify officers and agencies in the use of non-lethal weapons, I was sent a video from an officer asking my opinion or what I thought of the video – please keep in mind that I have not personally seen this device, I have not tested it or have I personally experienced yet – my comments are below and here is the link to view –

I base these opinions on over 30 years of training and experience in law enforcement, corrections and as a US Marine, in addition to working with companies who manufacture these specialty impact munitions.

I have been deploying, training and certifying officers, military and agencies in the selection, handling and deployment of non-lethal weapons since 1990. I have tested and been sprayed with every chemical aerosol formulation and blend used in the industry today.

I have tested and been hit multiple times with electrical devices from shock-cuffs, shock-shields, probes, shot with darts or hit with stun guns, and I have tested and been shot with every specialty impact munition from a pepper-ball gun, FN 303, 12 gauge or 37/40 MM launcher (with protective gear on of course – which only work when the munitions hit that protective gear and the munitions are accurate).

However if you deliver enough focused energy upon impact to a person’s body either through a single deployment or multiple shots, the human body goes through immediate changes and responses during this transfer of the blunt force delivered into the body.


Many factors

There are many factors that need to be taken into medical and tactical consideration – things like their body type and size, age of person, muscle and bone structure, distance from threat, angle of impact, intended target area in relation to where the munition actually hits, what is the point of aim to point of impact, how does weather, clothing, climate and other environmental factors play a role in the effect and accuracy of the munitions and performance, at what distance is needed to set up – verbally challenge and deploy the munitions safely, and a few more.

There have been attempts to match the deployment of OC with lethal options, OC with Riot Shields, OC with batons even OC with flashlights, electrical devices with Batons and Riot Shields, even electrical devices using a shotgun to deploy and this list goes on – and in the end – they ONLY work if you can control all of the variables in the situation in which the device was developed to perform in – and that is NOT the reality we live in.

Non-lethal weapons are a force multiplier and designed to save lives – the lives I am talking about are the officer at the scene, the lives of the innocent bystanders in the immediate area and even to the subject who is posing this threat.


Considerations to make

This list of lives I mentioned are in no specific order of importance as “All lives are just as important as the other” and now with that being said “Non-Lethal Weapons” are not used when it jeopardizes the lives of the officer at the scene who is duty bound to protect and serve their communities.

With this particular force alternative there are other factors to be taken into consideration such as

  • With this alternative device an important concern is the second shot that could follow that would be lethal
  • Remembering that any action initiates a reaction where one bullet leaving the barrel towards the target may stop the threat; the second bullet leaving the barrel would kill the threat
  • What if there are two subjects and one officer, the time needed to load and fire another alternative round in the heat of the moment could produce drastic and life threatening results for the officer or the threat
  • The use of specialty impact munitions are viewed as the extension of the police baton – and to think that one strike with this alternative device will stop the attack of an aggressive or combative subject would not be reasonable
  • In any physical encounter using specialty impact munitions there is always the need for quick and fast follow up shots that may be necessary as when deploying specialty impact munitions like a bean bag or sponge round

Non-Lethal munitions are used to save lives not compromise the officer’s life. And until one can control all of the variables in a given situation, it is great to continue having ideas and initiate innovation in regards to non-lethal weapons and saving lives.

Keep them coming. We need better solutions out there that keep EVERYONE safe!

I am all for that and so are the many other trainers I speak to and the law enforcement, corrections and military members I train around the world seek. But remember this it starts with the ability to police ourselves – treat others with dignity and respect – hold yourself accountable for your actions, live within the laws we have to keep us safe and if we can’t do this on our own, it is then we call the police to do it for us!



My name is Ronnie Murray.

I had the privilege of taking your courses last week in Madison County. Let me just say you are truly professional and well versed in what you do.

The way the class was set up is unlike any other I have attended in my 12 years of Law Enforcement. Thank you for what you do for our Profession and what you also do for our Country.

When I joined the Military (THE UNITED STATES ARMY) I realized my passion for instructing. I had the privilege of training over 2000 Reserve and Guard troops from the South West and Western united States in NBC Warfare when operation Enduring Freedom was launched.

It was one of the highlights for me in my career to be able to train and get those Individuals prepared to deploy to protect this great Nation of ours, but most importantly to train them proficiently to ensure they make it home.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the blended courses were around 12 years ago, we as a Military and as a Law Enforcement Community (BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD) would be better trained today. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to taking other classes and promoting the Blended courses for all my future training needs.

Ronnie Murray
4468 Pleasant Valley RD
Jacksonville, AL 36265



Launching new training programs for 2015 – take a quick peek into just a few of them!

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Elite Survival Shot Show
Booth 10776

What belt do you wear?
Belts do more than hold up your pants.

What are you asking your belt to do, and are you wearing the right one?
Click on the below link and listen to Dave explain belts!

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On my way home from the 2015 Shot Show in Las Vegas.

Working with the Elite team has been outstanding. Their new tactical gear they displayed included backpacks, Stealth and Covert Tactical Gear, single-double-triple point slings with accessories, concealment holsters and the announcement of the new Safety Level 2 tactical holster that will be released very soon!

I hope everybody has a great weekend. God bless and be safe.

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What an amazing week at the Shot Show. Elite Survival Systems debuted several new products for 2015.

The new Stealth Covert Backpack, an inside the pocket holster using slipknot technology, the Smokescreen backpack for concealed carry, M4 Roller, Corba Riggers Belt, and an entire conceal carry holster line.

And just to give you a thought for 2015, you will be seeing Elite Survival roll out the next generation of tactical holsters!

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The last day at the Shot Show’s been amazing.

Working with the Elite Survival team has been one of the most professionally rewarding experiences I’ve had in many years.

I want to share with you the new Elite Stealth Covert Backpack!

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The new machete and tomahawk are here!
Check us out on YouTube, Twitter, and the Great American Tool Company

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Day 2- Elite Survival Booth 10776 at the Shot Show

Another exciting day here in Las Vegas. We got to speak with new distributors and customers and had the opportunity to make some new friends. Being a LE and Military Trainer at times you are far removed from the general public. But being at the Shot Show, everyone here has been outstanding.

Elite has some new tactical holsters and a new series of law enforcement nylon gear for either your tactical officers or patrol. Stop by, try it on and take a look for yourself. For many, the word “elite” describes top quality, above the best and in a category all to itself!

For us it is a way of life. Stop by booth 10776 and see for yourself!


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